Gleann Abhann College of Heralds

Herald BadgeDiamond Principal Herald
THL Bran Finn hua Neill

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College of Heralds: organization of heralds and scribes who serve the Crown and populace of Gleann Abhann

Herald: When used with a capital H, Herald is a title referring to a person at a particular level in the College of Arms. Used with a small h, a herald is a person who works regularly on some aspect of heraldry

Heraldry: heraldry is comprised of three things, a science, an art and a service – A science because of the very technical nature of the field, replete with its own jargon, rules and customs. An art because there is an artistic element to much of it, both in the ‘performance’ side and the armory. It is also a service, for the end goal of a herald is to serve the populace and the Crown (when reference is made to the Crown, it also applies to the Coronet and (for those serving in a barony) the Barons)


Ruby Herald – Heraldic Submissions | Ruby Herald Page
THL Giata Alberti


Sardonyx Herald – Deputy Heraldic Submissions | Sardonyx Herald Page
THL Adalyde de Sardaigne

Obsidian Herald – Precedence & Protocol | Obsidian Herald Page
Isabella D’Arques


Emerald Herald – Minister of Lists | Emerald Herald Page
Belisencia let Sawnyng


Amethyst Herald – Regalia | Amethyst Herald Page
Mistress Daphne of Colchester


Topaz Signet – Scribal Arts | Topaz Herald Page
Conall O Caindealbhain

Blue Saphyre – Heraldic Education | Blue Saphyre Herald Page
Baroness Judith Wilkinson


Herald Files

Files related to the College Heralds can be found in the College of Heralds Files in the file library.

Reporting and Reporting Schedule

Local Herald reports are quarterly. The quarters are 1st (January – March); 2nd (April – June); 3rd (July – September); 4th (October – December). These are due no later than the 5th of the month after the quarter (April, July, October, and January). Reporting may be done via email. A copy must be given to the local Seneschal and a copy kept for local Herald files.