Office of the Kingdom Chirurgeon

Chirurgeon badgeKingdom Chirurgeon
THL Myra of the Glen

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Chirurgeon: facilitator of on site first aide; oversees policy and procedure for the local chirurgeonate

Chirurgeon Files

Files related to the office of the Chirurgeon can be found in the Chirurgeon Folder in the file library.

  • SCA Corporate Chirurgeon’s Manual
  • Apprenticeship Requirements
  • Event Reporting Form – Main event form. Used as a summary of chirurgeona activity for an event. Reports go to Chirurgeon’s personal file, Autocrat, Kingdom Chirurgeon, and Marshal (in the event of a fighting injury)
  • Minor Trauma Form – Information form to be kept by chirurgeons while in the field. Helps to record patient information for minor trauma. Each form contains four patient contacts. This is specifically for minor injuries that would not require transport to an advanced care facility
  • Patient Care Form – A more in-depth form for use with patients who have more serious injuries or that require some form of outside medical attention (such as an ambulance or personal transport to an ER)