Office of the Kingdom Exchequer

ExchequerKingdom Chancellor of the Exchequer
Marcel Orillion

(Bonnie Stringer)
Email: ten.n1448961132nahba1448961132nnael1448961132g@reu1448961132qehcx1448961132e1448961132


Exchequer: Person in charge of financial reporting and handling of funds

Exchequer Files

Files related to the office of the Exchequer can be found in the Exchequer Folder in the file library.

Reporting Schedule

All deputies and Local Exchequer’s that report to the Kingdom Exchequer are required to report 30 days after the end of each of the four quarters. Local event report, NMS report and check for NMS fees collected are due no later than 30 days from the end of each event.

  • March 31 due by April 30
  • June 30 due by July 31
  • September 30 due October 31
  • December 31 due by January 31**

The cumulative report from Kingdom to Society is due by March 15 each year.

Kingdom Exchequer reports and pays NMS fees to Society on or about April 30, July 31, October 31 and January 31.

Preliminary reports may be done vial email with a signed hard copy to follow. Hard copies are to include those pages that require signature and copies of the complete bank statement including reconciliation report. A copy must be given to the local Seneschal and another kept for the local Exchequer’s file for public viewing.