Office of the Kingdom Webminister


Kingdom Webminister
THL Hassan al-Khalil

Email: ten.n1414288112nahba1414288112nnael1414288112g@ret1414288112sinim1414288112bew1414288112

Web Minister: Responsible for the design and maintenance of the official web site for the Kingdom of Gleann Abhann; monitoring electronic publications, monitoring all branch websites for compliance with SCA rules.

Release Deputy –  Sebastian Martinez de Leonn
Email: ten.n1414288112nahba1414288112nnael1414288112g@ytu1414288112pedes1414288112aeler1414288112

Library Deputy –  Lady Sarra Mary Heryngton
Email: ten.n1414288112nahba1414288112nnael1414288112g@yra1414288112rbil1414288112

Deputy Webminister – Vacant
Email: ten.n1414288112nahba1414288112nnael1414288112g@nim1414288112bewyt1414288112uped1414288112

Webminister Technical Backup – Master Alaxandair O’Conchobhair
Email: ten.n1414288112nahba1414288112nnael1414288112g@puk1414288112cabre1414288112tsini1414288112mbew1414288112

Webminister Files

Files related to the office of the Webminister can be found in the Webminister Folder in the file library.

Becoming a Webminister

To be a Webminister, you must be appointed by your group Seneschal. Information that must be provided is found here.

Reporting Schedule

Reports are due on or before the following dates:

March 15 – For December through February
June 15 – For March through May
September 15 – For June through August
December 15 – For September through November

Please use the Online Report Form available here.