Office of the Kingdom Webminister


Kingdom Webminister
THL Eowyn de Wever

Email: ten.n1469716315nahba1469716315nnael1469716315g@ret1469716315sinim1469716315bew1469716315

Web Minister: Responsible for the design and maintenance of the official web site for the Kingdom of Gleann Abhann; monitoring electronic publications, monitoring all branch websites for compliance with SCA rules.

Release Deputy –  Baroness Caemel nic Entaggart
Email: ten.n1469716315nahba1469716315nnael1469716315g@ytu1469716315pedes1469716315aeler1469716315

Library Deputy –  The Honourable Lady Sarra Mary Heryngton
Email: ten.n1469716315nahba1469716315nnael1469716315g@yra1469716315rbil1469716315

Deputy Webminister – Lord Ishikawa Toshi’nari
Email: ten.n1469716315nahba1469716315nnael1469716315g@ret1469716315sinim1469716315bewyt1469716315uped1469716315

Webminister Technical Backup – Master Alaxandair O’Conchobhair
Email: ten.n1469716315nahba1469716315nnael1469716315g@puk1469716315cabre1469716315tsini1469716315mbew1469716315

Webminister Files

Files related to the office of the Webminister can be found in the Webminister Folder in the file library.

Becoming a Webminister

To be a Webminister, you must be approved by the Kingdom Webminister and appointed by your group Seneschal. Information that must be provided is found here.

Reporting Schedule

Reports are due on or before the following dates:  (Note: dates  in the Webminister’s Handbook are out of date: Society reports are due approximately 10 days after these deadlines.)

Feb 20 – For November through January
May 20 – For February through April
August 20 – For May through July
November 20 – For August through October

Please use the Online Report Form available here.