Office of the Release Deputy

Release Deputy: Baroness Caemel nic Entaggart

Email: ten.n1490702721nahba1490702721nnael1490702721g@ytu1490702721pedes1490702721aeler1490702721

Release Forms & Information

Release forms for Gleann Abhann are managed by the Release Deputy.  The Release Deputy is warranted by the Kingdom Webminister and will work with the populace and relevant officers of the Kingdom to manage all release forms.

Releases will be logged and stored in a shared online storage location.  Access to the On-line Release Forms Cache (ORFC) is available to the Kingdom Webminister and Kingdom Chronicler of Gleann Abhann and their deputies.

The Webminister, Chronicler, Calendar Deputy as well as all local Branch Webministers, and local Branch Chroniclers are no longer responsible for collecting forms. All officers are however, still responsible for ensuring that the forms are in place before publishing any information requiring such forms.

Once the Release Deputy receives a release form it will be examined for completeness. If there is any problem with a release, you will be asked to resubmit.  If no problems are found, it will be logged and filed. The submitter will then receive a “confirmation code”. Confirmation codes can only be provided by the Release Deputy.

All forms should be emailed to the Release Deputy at ten.n1490702721nahba1490702721nnael1490702721g@ytu1490702721pedes1490702721aeler1490702721
The only release we are able to accept without the official form is the Personally Identifiable Information Release Form (Gleann Abhann).  All other forms must be submitted according to the rules of the SCA.  More information can be found at

If you are only sending release for personally identifiable information within Gleann Abhann you may forgo the use of that form by sending the relevant detailed information in the body of a regular email message.

This will be accepted as your release only if:

  1. The email is sent directly from the email address of the person granting permission (no forwarded email)
  2. And it must be sent to ten.n1490702721nahba1490702721nnael1490702721g@evi1490702721hcrae1490702721saele1490702721r1490702721.

If these two stipulations are not met, your release is not considered valid.   You may only use this method for the Personally Identifiable Information Release Form (Gleann Abhann). All other SCA releases may not be accepted in this manner at this time.

More Information

For more information and to download the release forms, please visit the Release Forms Area.