Order of the Pelican

Order of the Pelican Secretary
Onora inghean mhic Chathain

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Pelicans are so named for the medieval legend that a mother pelican will, in times of need, prick her own breast to feed her lifeblood to her brood. They are recognised by a medallion bearing the image of a pelican feeding her young in this manner (referred to heraldically as “a pelican in her piety”).

In the SCA the Companions of the Order of the Pelican (OP) are those who have been recognised by the Crown and awarded a Patent of Arms (the highest level of award) for unrelenting service to the Kingdom and the Society, along with their consistent display of the virtues of Grace, Courtesy and Chivalric Demeanour.



A new website for the Order of the Pelican will be available in the near future. If you have any interest in helping with the production of the content for the new site, please contact the Kingdom Webminister.