Their Royal Highnesses

Prince Brian – Princess Lorelei


Contact:  ten.n1448608538nahba1448608538nnael1448608538g@sri1448608538eh1448608538

Chancellor:  Countess Meaghen Arsmith – ten.n1448608538nahba1448608538nnael1448608538g@rol1448608538lecna1448608538hcsri1448608538eh1448608538

Travel Coordinator: Baroness Isabella d’Arques – ten.n1448608538nahba1448608538nnael1448608538g@lev1448608538artsr1448608538ieh1448608538


November 20-23  BAM (Bordermarch Autumn Melees)  Both
 December 4-6  Winter Revel  Both

His Highness:

Persona:  early 15th Century English Knight

Colors: black, red and white/silver

Allergies: abject stupidity

Interests:  jousting, fighting, armor construction, metalwork, early 15th C culture

Beverages:  Diet Mountain Dew, beers that are really hoppy and dark, ciders


Dislikes – lima beans, tunafish, pottage, broccoli, cauliflower, mayonnaise
Likes – bacon, game meats, sausages, spicy food

Likes: black and red checky things, socializing, having a good time, short meetings, talking about armor or weapons or knives or horses

Gift Preferences: items for largess, raw materials for projects


Her Highness:

Persona:   15th Century German

Colors:  black, red and yellow/gold

Allergies: poison ivy

Interests:  fencing, all things horses and hawks, crossbows, jewelry construction techniques

Beverages: Water with lemon, Mike’s cranberry or blood orange, Diet Dr Pepper


Dislikes – not as spicy as Brian please.
Likes – “nomnivorous” – just about anything nom nom nom.

Likes: falconry, period artifacts, puzzles, trying all the activities, period live music

Gift Preferences: items for largess, coins, toys, handmade items