Their Royal Highnesses

Prince Faelan – Princess Linnet

Contact:  ten.n1441040125nahba1441040125nnael1441040125g@sri1441040125eh1441040125

Chancellor: Herzog Uther von Ziemer – ten.n1441040125nahba1441040125nnael1441040125g@rol1441040125lecna1441040125hcsri1441040125eh1441040125

Travel Coordinator: Duchess Kenna nic Aherne von Ziemer – ten.n1441040125nahba1441040125nnael1441040125g@lev1441040125artsr1441040125ieh1441040125


– May 29-31 -Candelight Camp – Both
– June 5-7 – War College (Northern) – Both
– July 10-12 – APA – Both
– August 7-9 – Burning Ram – Both

His Highness:

Persona:  9th century Irish Viking

Colors: black, blue & grey/silver

Allergies: His Highness is anaphylactically allergic to Cinnamon.  He does not expect it to be removed from all menus/recipes but, he would ask that everything be carefully labeled and that all cooks to be very careful with cross contamination.  His Highness is also allergic to Avocado and Banana.

Interests:  fighting, cooking, casting, woodworking, blacksmithing, all things Viking

Beverages: Pepsi, Redd’s Apple Ale, mead, American Honey, Wild turkey, orange sports drink, Arnold Palmer (1/2 unsweet tea & 1/2 lemonade)  ***Please note that many ‘Spiced Rums’ contain Cinnamon***

Food: Dislikes – lima beans, tunafish, pottage, broccoli, cauliflower, mayonnaise

Likes – bacon, game meats, unusual recipes

Likes: socializing, relaxing, having a good time, short meetings

Gift Preferences: items for largess, hand-woven trim


Her Highness:

Persona:   12th century Scottish, but loves Byzantine

Colors:  red, black & yellow/gold

Allergies: none

Interests: knitting, quilting, embroidery, inkle weaving, heraldry, reading

Beverages: sweet tea, flavored teas, water, Arnold Palmer (1/2 sweet tea & 1/2 lemonade), yellow sports drink, Mike’s Hard lemonade and cranberry-lemonade

Food:  Her Highness is a picky eater, but does not want anyone to make special arrangements.

Likes – strawberries and other fruit, pecans, chocolate, bacon and cheeses

Likes: meeting new people and learning new things

Gift Preferences: items for largess (expecially for children), hand-made items, silver charms