Their Royal Majesties

King James and Queen Joan

Contact:  ten.n1435855497nahba1435855497nnael1435855497g@snw1435855497orc1435855497


Chancellor:  Sir John the Bellringer – ten.n1435855497nahba1435855497nnael1435855497g@rol1435855497lecna1435855497hcnwo1435855497rc1435855497

Travel Coordinator:  HL Sara de la Val – ten.n1435855497nahba1435855497nnael1435855497g@lev1435855497artnw1435855497orc1435855497


April 17-19 Wiesenfeur James
April 17-19 Bogdacious Joan
May 1-3 TOC Both
May 7-10 Atheneum James
May 15-17 Crown List Both
May 21-23 Meridian Crown Both
May 29-31 Candlelight Camp Both
June 5-7 War College James
June 16-21 Lilies War James
June 26-28 Avacal’s Coronation Joan

His Majesty:

Persona: 12th century Norman/ 12th century Rus

Colors: black, white, red

Allergies: none

Interests: fighting, metal work,

Beverages: teas, water, Cokes, hard cider, and tequila

Food: no seafood or whole tomatoes

Likes: socializing, story telling, and general shenanigans.

Gift Preferences: raw materials or items that can be converted into largess


Her Majesty:

Persona: 9th century Viking/ 11th century Rus

Colors: purple, white, and green

Allergies: fennel and fennel seeds ( it is in many sausages), red wine

Interests: embroidery, music, herbs, cheese making, dyeing fabrics/ thread

Beverages: sweet tea, water, coffee, rum, bourbon

Food: I like to try many different foods. I do have quite a sweet tooth

Likes: socializing, talking to the children, listening to singing and plays

Gift Preferences: largess, items that be used for largess, thread