Their Royal Majesties

King Uther Von Ziemer III and Queen Brigit Olesdottir

Contact:  ten.n1412180109nahba1412180109nnael1412180109g@snw1412180109orc1412180109

Uther III and Brigit

Chancellor:   Duchess Kenna nic Aherne von Ziemer – ten.n1412180109nahba1412180109nnael1412180109g@rol1412180109lecna1412180109hcnwo1412180109rc1412180109

Travel Coordinator:   Master Erik of Telemark – ten.n1412180109nahba1412180109nnael1412180109g@lev1412180109artnw1412180109orc1412180109


Apr 25 Beltaine Both
May 09 Cracked Anvil Him
May 16 Spring Crown List Both
May 30 Candlelight Camp Both
June 06 War College Both
June 16-22 Lillies Her
July 26 APA Both
Sept 19 Kingdom A&S Both
Oct 03 Fall Coronation Both

His Majesty:

Persona: During this reign, His Majesty will be matching Her Majesty’s Viking persona.
Typically, he is a late 12th Century, Southern German. Went on Crusade but is now back home.

Colors: Blue, Black and Gold

Allergies: Wasps, Bees, Hornets

Interests: Fighting, Glass work, cold metal work, and crusades history

Beverages: Water, diet tea, IPA and other hoppy beers, Rieslings, Bacardi Silver and Coke, COFFEE


Snacks: He does not eat at all when fighting, meal replacement shakes (Boost, etc.) or snacks are preferred after fighting (cheese, fruit, sausage, nuts.)

Dislikes: Brussel Sprouts


Gift Preferences: Especially appreciative of anything that includes documentation (cause he’s a geek like that.) He is looking to improve his Viking kit, so small accessories are really appreciated. Fabric, tablet weaving, embroidery/embroidery supplies are also always needed. Homemade foods are awesome. He really likes sandalwood scented things.


Her Majesty:

Persona: Early 10th Century, Swedish Heritage, raised in Ireland. (Hence the Irish pronunciation of a Swedish name.)

Colors: Blue and White

Allergies: Wasps, Bees, Hornets and other stingy things.

Interests: Textiles, Viking History, Textiles, oh and Textiles.

Beverages: Water and unsweet tea; coffee usually black or with Magic, just a splash, although (for entourage info) if its real strong coffee a touch of milk / creamer is good; alcohol – single malt Scotch or Bourbon&Water, beer – reds (like Killians), wine on the sweet side (like Zinfendel or some of the German whites) are the favorites, vodka and juice are always good too.


Snack Likes: usually prefer salty and not greasy, so things like Chex mix are great; also periodically need protein – so nuts, especially almonds, or peanut butter or cheese and crackers. Fresh fruit especially oranges, apples, grapes, cantaloupes. Fresh Vegetables (except for peas).
Olives are their own food group. As is chocolate. And mushrooms.

Dislikes: fried food (it doesn’t like me!), perky before coffee, stupid drunks, green peas (I like most veggies, just really don’t like green peas); horns on “Viking” helmets (Vikings didn’t wear horns!)

Things that make me very, very happy: neat seahorses, especially blue ones; sheep stuff (of course); handmade stuff (please label the artisan); textile stuff and Viking stuff (duh). Her Majesty claims to be a bigger documentation geek than His Majesty!