Kingdom A&S Office Accepting Applications for Educational Content Asst.

By | June 5, 2024


This role was created to assist the Deputy of Technology and the KMOAS with online educational content creation and social media information. They will be handling assignments for content requests and processing those through the KMOAS pages and coordinating with the Kingdom Social Media team to share and deliver content. This role can be fulfilled almost entirely online, so it is a great opportunity for kingdom members that may not have the ability to make it to many events but are still interested in being active in the A&&S community. 

Term: This role also has a much more flexible term- we are currently looking for anyone that can fill a 6 month responsibility. This position is almost entirely virtual/ remote


  • Creation of graphics and videos for social media sharing on: tiktik, instagram, facebook, and website platforms.
  • Creation of virtual educational content- class recordings, tutorial recording and video editing. 
  • Collaboration with educators on video and infographic content for posting on the platforms mentioned above. 
  • helping to maintain a social media presence on multiple platforms through educational content and re-shares/remixes of other educational accounts. 
  • Creation of Kingdom educational/ mood boards on pinterest- we are starting this project now and are happy to give a full overview to any applicant. 


  • Canva or other Photoshop/ Graphics editor ( whatever the applicant is most familiar with is fine)
  • Basic knowledge of socials posting- we can train most of this but having a working understanding of the platforms is helpful.
  • Ability to record and edit video, or the general understanding of concepts so that we can train. 
  • Ability to use google suite products for calls, scheduling, and information sharing with the KMOAS team

We are looking for inspiring and motivated A&S Community Leaders!

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