Direct Links to Forms

Included below are links to all the forms currently in use in the kingdom of Gleann Abhann. Monthly and Quarterly Reports: A & S Online Quarterly Report Form Local Chronicler Quarterly Report Form Herald Online Quarterly Report Form Seneschal Monthly Report Webminister Quarterly Report Form Event Reports: Event Date Reservation Form Event Submission Form Court Herald Report Live Weapons Event Report Form Royal Round Form Miscellaneous Reports: Award Recommendation Form… Read More »

Pay for Event Registrations with PayPal

Gleann Abhann is one of the Kingdoms allowed to use PayPal to pre-register for events and pay for gate /site registrations. To fill out the Paypal Registration Form online, go to the event in the Kingdom calendar, and follow the link to the Paypal Registration Form which will be right below the flyer. Note that paypal registration is a multi-step process, to comply with Paypal and SCA Policies. Any questions… Read More »

Navigation Changes and New Forms

Please take a look at the new menu. I have moved all of the existing forms to the Forms menu item. Now you don’t have to dig through multiple menu levels to find the electronic form you need. I have also added a new form to allow anyone to easily send in an award recommendation to Their Majesties per Their request. Also, the new event date reservation form is active.… Read More »

A New Library

If you have not already noticed, we have just updated to a new online library. This new library offers more features and a better interface than the one we have been using. With this new system, I also want to introduce our new Librarian, Lady Sarra Mary Heryngton. She is a deputy to the Kingdom Webminister and will be handling the management of our online documentation henceforth. With more and more… Read More »

Facebook Events and the Event Calendar

When submitting an event via the online form, you will notice a new check-box for creating a Facebook event as well. Checking this box will notify the Social Media Deputy to create an event on the Kingdom’s Facebook page that can then be shared. Remember, this does not take the place of having events published in the Ambassador or in the online Kingdom Calendar, but rather this supplements it since… Read More »

How do I become warranted?

Either the outgoing webminister (when available) OR the local group seneschal needs to send an email to the Kingdom Webminister confirming the appointment of a new webminister, complete with that webminister’s SCA name and email address. The new webminister should then send the following information to the Kingdom Webminister: SCA Name Mundane Name Local Group you Represent Email Address Mailing Address Phone Number Membership Number Membership Expiration NOTE: A new branch… Read More »

The Kingdom of Gleann Abhann is a part of the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA)

The Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) is an international not-for-profit educational organization that is dedicated to the research and recreation of pre-17th century European History, with a particular focus on its practical applications in arts and sciences, including costuming, cooking, martial arts, dance, calligraphy and illumination, metalwork, archery and music (to name but a few!). Gleann Abhann is one of twenty kingdoms throughout the world. Our territories include: Louisiana, Mississippi, extreme… Read More »

Sir Uric Blackoak

Elevated: 03/17/2007 by TRM Padruig and Linnet Squired to: Eric of Chester Blazon: Argent, a bend vert cotised between an oak tree and a wolf rampant sable.

Sir Thomas of Aylesbury

Elevated: 12/07/1992 by HRM Brian MacBrand Squired to Sir John the Bearkiller Blazon: Sable, on a bend bretessed argent, three roses proper, seeded, on a bordure argent an orle gules.

Sir Tar Radu

Elevated: 10/26/02 by TRM’s Gareth and Anneis Squired to Sir Kane Redfeather Blazon: Sable, a moose’s head erased affronty argent enflamed gules within a bordure dovetailed argent pellety.

Sir Stephen Wolfe

Elevated: 09/09/1989 by HRM Richard of Rae Fen Squired to Sir Kane Redfeather Blazon: Argent, on a pale sable, in base a wolf’s head erased argent, overall a bend indented on the upper edge gules.