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Members of the Order of the Chivalry are awarded this rank for excellence in heavy combat arts. SCA Knights are recognized by their white belts, and also gold spurs and gold chains (in some Kingdoms, all spurs and unadorned open-linked chains regardless of color are reserved for knights only). Knighted men are addressed as Sir, and Knighted women as Sir, Dame, or some other title (as the Knight chooses). Knights may take Squires, promising younger fighters, as students of chivalry and martial art. Squires are usually recognizable by their red belts (note: the red belt is not customary in all Kingdoms). Some Knights serve as squires first, but this is not a requirement.

Sir Aengus Mac Owein

Elevated: 05/04/1996 by HRM Bryce MacLaren Squired to: Sir Stephen Wolfe Blazon: Per bend sinister Or and bendy sinister sable and Or, in dexter chief a bull passant to sinister azure, maintaining a halberd bendwise sable.

Sir Bartholomew Hightower

Elevated: 2/16/2008 by HRM Gareth ap Llewelyn Squired to Sir Timmur Jochin Motto: Possunt, quia posse videntur (they can because they think they can) Blazon: Checky Or and azure, a chevron able between three roses proper  

Sir Beorn Collenferth

Elevated: 12/2/1978 by TRM Orlando & Taislin Squired to Sir Francois Duvant Blazon: Azure, a chevron between a harp, an axe reversed and a sabre-toothed tiger statant argent.

Sir Brian Mac Brand

Elevated 06/06/1992 Elevated by HRM Ryan von Gunterburg Squired to Sir Kane Redfeather Blazon: Per chevron inverted sable and gules, a compass star gules fimbriated and a crescent inverted argent within a bordure countercompony argent.

Sir Caedmon mac Ahern

Elevated: 4/1/2000 by HRM Gareth le Bruin Squired to Sir Thomas of Aylesbury Blazon: Gules, an owl atop a leaf-bladed spear fesswise and on a chief indented Or, three flames voided gules.

Sir Connor McEldridge

Elevated: 03/17/01 by TRM Ailgheanan and Ilissa Squired to Sir Kane Redfeather  Blazon: Sable, a gauntlet clinched Or, on a chief argent a cross throughout gules, charged with a lion passant guardant Or.    

Baron Sir Drogo of Axbridge

Elevated: 03/15/2008 Linage: Count Sir Francios Duvant to Duke Sir John the Bearkiller to Sir Lee Fribrand to Visc. Sir Michael the Mace to Sir Drogo of Axbridge Blazon: Per saltire sable and gules, a sun in splendor Or and a bordure indented argent.

Sir Elazar of Northumbria

Elevated 10/16/1993 by HRM Bearrach Aelwyn the Wolfhead Squired to Sir Stephen Wolfe Blazon: Per fess embattled azure and argent masoned sable, in cross elongated to base, four double-bitted axes counterchanged argent and azure, hafted proper .    

In memory of Sir Francois Duvant

Elevated: 05/19/1974 by HRM Robert Roundpounder Not Squired  Blazon: Azure, a cross formy throughout argent between in bend two fluer-de-lys Or, entwined about the lower arm of the cross a snake, its head issuant over the sinister chief of the cross erminois.    

Sir Jean Claude Dominique Jeanin

Elevated: 9/5/1998 by HRM Wulfhere the Lion of Persia Squired to Sir Verron Wolfgang von Groth Blazon: Or, a pegasus segreant and in chief an unstrung recurved bow fesswise and inverted sable, between two flaunches vert, on each a sword Or.

Sir John the Bearkiller

Elevated: 06/25/1977 by HRM Deaton Claymore Squired to Sir Francois Duvant Blazon: Gules, a sword argent hilted bendy sinister sable and Or, overall a brown bear’s head sinister facing erased, eyes closed proper, langued sable. As an augmentation, in dexter chief three mullets in fess argent.

Sir John the Pursuwer

Elevated: 4/4/1998 by TRM’s Ailgheanan & Calleja Squired to Sir Loric Silvestris Blazon: Quarterly azure and counter-ermine, three double-headed eagles displayed Or, a chief ermine.

Sir Jon the Tall

Elevated: 03/20/2009 by TRM Havordh & Mary Grace Squired to Vebrand of the Iron Hills / Tar Radu Blazon: er bend sable and azure, a dexter human footprint within a bordure argent.

Sir Kane Redfeather

Elevated: 06/18/1988 by TRM John & Heather Not Squired Blazon: Argent, two arrows inverted in saltire sable, fletched, on a chief gules, a tyger dormant Or.

Sir Leto Darkhorse

Elevated: 09/14/1996 by TRM Gareth and Rhiannon Not Squired Blazon: Per bend sinister argent and sable, a horse salient and three daggers counterchanged.

Sir Loric Silvestris

Elevated: 05/05/1995 by HRM Richard de Chinon Squired to Sir Andrew of Seldom Rest and Sir Kane Redfeather Blazon: Gules, on a bend sinister between a sword inverted and two linked annulets Or, three lyres palewise gules, all within a bordure Or.

Sir Manfred von Rothenburg

Elevated 02/21/1993 by HRM John the Bearkiller Squired to Sir Phelan Cathoir-Mor Blazon: Per chevron inverted argent and sable, a chevron inverted counterchanged between in chief a tree eradicated sable charged with a cross formy and in base a pair of antlers in chevron inverted argent.