Gleann Abhann College of Heralds

Herald BadgeDiamond Principal Herald
THL Brendan Sionnach

Email: ten.n1505990310nahba1505990310nnael1505990310g@dno1505990310maid1505990310 | Diamond Herald Page


College of Heralds: organization of heralds and scribes who serve the Crown and populace of Gleann Abhann

Herald: When used with a capital H, Herald is a title referring to a person at a particular level in the College of Arms. Used with a small h, a herald is a person who works regularly on some aspect of heraldry

Heraldry: heraldry is comprised of three things, a science, an art and a service – A science because of the very technical nature of the field, replete with its own jargon, rules and customs. An art because there is an artistic element to much of it, both in the ‘performance’ side and the armory. It is also a service, for the end goal of a herald is to serve the populace and the Crown (when reference is made to the Crown, it also applies to the Coronet and (for those serving in a barony) the Barons)


Ruby Herald – Heraldic Submissions | Ruby Herald Page
Groza Novgorodskaia

Moonstone Herald – Heraldic Submissions | Ruby Herald Page
Gaius Curtis Primus

Sardonyx Herald – Deputy Heraldic Submissions | Sardonyx Herald Page
THL Adalyde de Sardaigne

Obsidian Herald – Precedence & Protocol | Obsidian Herald Page
Danielle de la Roche


Emerald Herald – Minister of Lists | Emerald Herald Page
Baroness Dea Ramberti


Amethyst Herald – Regalia | Amethyst Herald Page
Gentile d’Orleans

Topaz Signet – Scribal Arts | Topaz Herald Page
Aeffe of the Weald

Blue Saphyre – Heraldic Education | Blue Saphyre Herald Page
Baroness Avaline la Chevriere


Ruby Herald

Groza Novgorodskaia

Email: ten.n1505990310nahba1505990310nnael1505990310g@ybu1505990310r1505990310

Ruby Herald: responsible for the processing of heraldic submissions. Ruby also serves as a consultant to the Crown on matters of armory and onomastics (names).

Submissions Basics

A complete name submission (whether for your persona, alternate name, or household name) should include the following:

  • One copy of the Name Submission form
  • One copy of all documentation for your name
  • A check for $8.00 US made out to “SCA, Inc. Kingdom of Gleann Abhann”.

A complete armory (device or badge) submission should include the following:

  • Two color copies of the Device Submission form
  • One line copy of the same form (“line” means an uncolored black and white line drawing like a coloring book picture, no shading)
  • One copy of any documentation for unusual charges (if applicable)
  • A check for $8.00 made out to “SCA, Inc/ Kingdom of Gleann Abhann “.

Fee for individuals (personal names, alternate names, household names, devices & badges) – $8
Fee for recognized SCA groups (Shires, Colleges, Baronies, Incipient groups, guilds) – $3

A single check may be written out for multiple items (e.g., name and device on one check, etc.). Petitions must be included with all paperwork (i.e. – name, device, etc) from the group’s membership.

Mail all materials to:

SCA – GA College of Heralds

c/o Matthew Caillouet

PO Box 44542

Shreveport, LA 71134

If you have any questions please send me an email at ten.n1505990310nahba1505990310nnael1505990310g@ybu1505990310r1505990310.

The Process

Submissions are processed in a timely manner but they still take time. In the interest of serving you better, an explanation of the various steps a submission must go through follows.

Submissions are processed as received and collected together once a month in an Internal Letter of Intent (iLoI). The iLoI is posted to the Gleann Abhann Garden on the Online System for Commentary and Response (OSCAR). Commentators are given one month to comment on this iLoI (i.e. – the comments on a March 5th ILoI must be posted to OSCAR by April 5th).

Within the month after the deadline, the Ruby Herald reviews the comments and the submissions and decides which ones will be sent forward and which will be returned at the Kingdom level. The decisions mailed out by Sardonyx Herald and/or Ruby Herald. The letters notify the submitters via email or USPS explaining the reasons for the return at Kingdom (if applicable). Submissions that are to be sent forward to Laurel Sovereign of Arms (Laurel, the Society Herald) are placed on the Kingdom’s monthly Kingdom Letter of Intent (KLoI) and posted on OSCAR.

Laurel allows two whole months for commentary before the KLoI will be considered for decisions (i.e. – a KLoI sent out anytime in April will be in commentary until the end of June and be considered at the July Laurel Meeting). Decisions of Laurel Meetings are made available to members of the Laurel College and Kingdom Principal Heralds within a few weeks of the meeting in the form of a Letter of Acceptances and Returns (LoAR). These letters are archived on the Laurel website and anyone can subscribe to receive them electronically in any of a variety of formats.

When the LoAR is published, the Gleann Abhann decisions will be unofficially published either via the Kingdom Facebook page or The Ambassador. Due to the lead time required by The Ambassador, however, it may often take two or more months from the release of the LoAR before the notification is made in print. The Sardonyx Herald makes official notification to the client directly explaining the reasons for the return (if applicable) or congratulating them on the successful registration.

Let us follow a submission through the process:

  • The submission received by Ruby anytime in January.
  • Ruby places the submission on the February ILoI after the 1st of the month.
  • Comments are due one month later, sometime after the 1st of March.
  • Ruby publishes the returns and KLoI within a month, trying for the same month the ILoI closed commentary, so before the end of March.
  • Sardonyx sends notification of Ruby return decisions.
  • Comments due by end of May on OSCAR.
  • Laurel staff makes decisions in June.
  • June LoAR is written, proof read, and published. This usually takes two months.
  • Results published by Laurel via listserv and by Ruby on Facebook and/or The Ambassador.
  • Sardonyx sends notification of Laurel decision.

A submission should go through the system in 6 to 9 months from iLoI to Laurel decision with the decision letter published soon after. There will occasionally be delays along the way, especially if you submit during Gulf Wars, but the process should take no more than a year from submission being received to the results being available.

Note that notifications take time to generate and if your email or postal addresses have changed they may have difficulty finding you. Watching the LoAR archive ( or subscribing to receive LoARs electronically ( is the fastest way to discover when your submission is decided on by Laurel.

If you have any questions please send me an email at ten.n1505990310nahba1505990310nnael1505990310g@ybu1505990310r1505990310.

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Other Resources

Herald Files

Files related to the College Heralds can be found in the College of Heralds Files in the file library.

Reporting and Reporting Schedule

Local Herald reports are quarterly. The quarters are 1st (January – March); 2nd (April – June); 3rd (July – September); 4th (October – December). These are due no later than the 5th of the month after the quarter (April, July, October, and January). Reporting may be done via email. A copy must be given to the local Seneschal and a copy kept for local Herald files.