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Kalisa Cherenova

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Gleann Abhann Page School: To encourage and promote the education of children ages 5-16 in the ways of the SCA and the Middle Ages


In ancient times long before Gleann Abhann, the legends tell that our ancestors, the Tuatha De Danann, came from the sky and dwelt in four cities where they learned poetry and magic. The four cities were Findias, Gorias, Murias, and Falias. From each of these four cities came a treasure.

From Findias came the sword of Nuada. None survived even the faintest cut of this lethal sword.

From Gorias came Lughss spear. This terrible spear had a spirit of its own and would berserk in battle stopping only when its blood-thirst was sated.

From Murias came the magical cauldron of the Dagda. It provided food to a person – not too much and not too little, but just what was needed.

And from Falias came the Destiny Stone, which responded with a shriek to the touch of one destined to rule.

In honor of these four cities have we named the levels of GAPS, and the treasures that came out of the cities are their symbols. The four levels of GAPS are:
Findias (sword) – ages 5-12
Gorias (spear) – ages 5-12
Murias (cauldron) – ages 12-16
Falias (stone) – ages 16-18


The focus or purpose of GAPS will change in nearly each program. Findias and Gorias (for ages 5-12) are simply programs to reward children for learning about general concepts of the SCA and the Middle Ages. Children at this level will begin to learn the importance of journaling (record keeping), and the use of the optional “bead rewards” will provide instant gratification for the very young, who need this type of positive reinforcement.

Murias (for ages 12-16) will provide an intensive course of study designed to introduce members to the many aspects of SCA life. It will build upon the data-recording skills learned in the Findias and Gorias programs. More importantly, it will propel Pages into many valuable experiences that they would not normally undergo voluntarily. Documentation skills will be fine-tuned in Murias.

After completing the rigors of Murias, Falias (for ages 16-18) will provide the Page and his mentor a guide for specialized study in a specific area of SCA life. Pages in the Falias program will have clearly identified their areas of interest and will possess the skills they need to pursue them to perfection! Pages graduating from Falias are destined to go on to great things!


Anyone age 5 to 18 may be a member of GAPS. The Findias and Gorias Programs are designed for ages 5-12. The Murias Program is for ages 12-16. The Falias Program is for ages 16-18. Each level has its own requirements for enrolling. Please contact the GAPS Dean to register. The Dean is listed in Gleann Abhann’s newsletter, “The Ambassador”. Members are not required to have a Mentor in order to participate.


In period times, children were sent to another’s home to be taught and trained. At this time, the Gleann Abhann Minister of Children’s Office refers to a “Mentor” as a nonparent adult who has taken a child into his tutelage on a long-term basis. We refer to the child in this arrangement as a “Page” (with a capital “P”). All members of GAPS may think of themselves as either a “Page” with a Mentor, or a “page” in search of one!


GAPS is compatible with the Royal Univesity of Gleann Abhann (RUGA). All credits earned in these programs may be applied towards GAPS requirements.