Office of the Kingdom Sheriff

Kingdom Sherrif

Kingdom Sheriff
Mateo Lopez

Email: ten.n1505990234nahba1505990234nnael1505990234g@ffi1505990234rehs1505990234



Sheriff: responsible for all waivers as required in the Governing Documents of the Society; assists with security and troll processes and procedures

Sheriff Files

Files related to the office of the Sheriff can be found in the Sheriff Folder in the file library.

Reporting Schedule

Event reports are due within 30 days of the date of the event. Fighter Practice Waivers are due Quarterly – please refer to the Marshallate pages for dates.

Please send scanned PDFs to ten.n1505990234nahba1505990234nnael1505990234g@ffi1505990234rehs1505990234, as per the Sheriff’s handbook.

Please keep a copy locally.