Office of the Obsidian Herald

Obsidian Herald

Obsidian Herald
Danielle de la Roche



Obsidian Herald: responsible for matters concerning precedence and protocol within Gleann Abhann. Obsidian compiles and maintains the Order of Precedence.

All residents within the boundaries of Gleann Abhann, as well as all individuals who have received Gleann Abhann Principality OR Kingdom Awards should be listed. In the case of the former, all awards held by residents should be listed, regardless of where those awards were issued.*

All individuals holding awards are listed alphabetically by first SCA name; awards are listed in order of receipt, rather than order of rank. If you are not properly represented in the OOP, please contact the Obsidian Herald with

  • SCA Name
  • Award (include Kingdom if not Gleann Abhann)
  • Date received
  • The local chapter you affiliate yourself with

*This only applies to awards that have been officially listed in the Kingdom Law of the awards’ Kingdom of Origin.