Pay for Event Registrations with PayPal

By | December 26, 2014

Gleann Abhann is one of the Kingdoms allowed to use PayPal to pre-register for events and pay for gate /site registrations.

To fill out the Paypal Registration Form online, go to the event in the Kingdom calendar, and follow the link to the Paypal Registration Form which will be right below the flyer. Note that paypal registration is a multi-step process, to comply with Paypal and SCA Policies.

Any questions that you might have can be directed to our Exchequer (ten.n1505825130nahba1505825130nnael1505825130g@reu1505825130qehcx1505825130e1505825130) or our Paypal deputy (moc.l1505825130iamg@1505825130ytupe1505825130dppag1505825130).

If you have any problems getting to the documents, please contact the Webminister at ten.n1505825130nahba1505825130nnael1505825130g@ret1505825130sinim1505825130bew1505825130.