Our Kingdom is in great need of Heirs!

By | April 28, 2024

Greetings unto the Populous of this fair Kingdom.

Our Kingdom is in great need of Heirs!

Please all attend!

There shall be a tournament held at

Kingdom Crownlist – Beltaine to determine who the next Heirs will be.

Please have all letters of Intent sent in by the May 1st, 2024.

Open weapons style, ei your normal fighting kit that you are authorized to fight with and regularly use. Each fighter must bring there own personal fighting kit.

Standard double elimination.

No best 2 out of 3 except in the finals.

Be sure you are a qualified candidate by reading Capora and Kingdom law.

Crown List Application

Thank you all for your time. We look forward to securing Our line and the lineage of the Kingdom.

TRM Briar Anahita