Local Groups

Barony of Axemoor 

Geographical Area: New Orleans, Louisiana Area south of Lake Pontchartrain.

Seneschal: Mika’il al-Rashid

Seneschal E-mail: seneschal@axemoor.net

Recognized Website: http://www.axemoor.net/

Barony of Grey Niche

Geographical Area: Memphis Tennessee and surrounding area.

Seneschal: Fatimah Al-Naqidah

Seneschal E-mail: seneschal@greyniche.net

Recognized Website: http://www.greyniche.net/

Barony of Seleone

Geographical Area: Gulfport/Biloxi Mississippi and surrounding area.

Seneschal: Taya de Montgomery

Seneschal E-mail: seneschal@seleone.org

Recognized Website: http://seleone.org

Barony of Small Gray Bear

Geographical Area: Central Arkansas including Little Rock, North Little Rock, Sherwood, Jacksonville, Pine Bluff and surrounding areas.

Seneschal: THL Medb ingean Daire

Seneschal E-mail: seneschal@smallgraybear.org

Recognized website for the Barony of Small Gray Bear http://www.smallgraybear.org/

College of Bleuflattes

Geographical Area: Cleveland Mississippi and surrounding area.

Seneschal: Margot du Bois

Seneschal E-mail: turtlechelle@cableone.net

Recognized Website: None

Province of Lagerdamm

Geographical Area: Conway Arkansas and surrounding Areas.

Seneschal: Arianna Stefana Falconi

Seneschal E-mail: seneschal@lagerdamm.org

Recognized Website: http://www.lagerdamm.org/

Shire of Ardanroe

Geographical Area: Shreveport Louisiana and surrounding area.

Seneschal: Rory ua Riada

Seneschal E-mail: seneschal@ardanroe.org

Recognized Website: http://ardanroe.org

Shire of Blackmoor Keep

Geographical Area: Lake Charles Louisiana and surrounding area.

Seneschal: THL Bride O’Sullevan.

Seneschal E-mail: brideosullevan@gmail.com

Recognized Website:

Shire of Dragoun’s Weal

Shire of Iron Ox

Geographical Area: Jackson Mississippi and surrounding area.

Seneschal: Elisabeth Thielmann

Seneschal E-mail: seneschal@ironox.org


Recognized Website: http://ironox.org/

Shire of Loch Bais

Geographical Area: Natchitoches Louisiana and surrounding area.

Seneschal: Carabella Aileen MacFie

Recognized Website: http://lochbais.org

Shire of Pilgrims Fount

Geographical Area:  Hot Springs, AR

Seneschal: Theresia del la Brook

Seneschal E-mail: seneschal@pilgrimsfount.org

Recognized Website: http://www.pilgrimsfount.org/

Shire of Ravenshold

Geographical Area: Jonesboro, AR

Seneschal: Sir Henry of Chipenham

Seneschal E-mail: thlchipenham@gmail.com

Recognized Website: None

Shire of Smythkepe

Geographical Area: Fort Smith Arkansas and surrounding areas.

Seneschal: Lady Rebekah of Newcastle

Seneschal E-mail: seneschal@smythkepe.org <!--jnllcllns@gmail.com-->

Recognized Website: http://www.smythkepe.org/

Shire of Tor An Riogh

Geographical Area: Starkville/Columbus Mississippi and surrounding area.

Seneschal: Lady Olivia Grey

Seneschal E-mail: seneschal@toranriogh.gleannabhann.net

Shire of Troll Fen

Geographical Area: Lafayette Louisiana and surrounding area.

Seneschal: Mathilde de Metteneye

Seneschal E-mail: seneschal@troll-fen.org

Recognized Website: http://troll-fen.org

Shire of Vogelburg

Geographical Area: Alexandria Louisiana and surrounding area.

Seneschal: Duchess Jacqueline de Lyons

Seneschal E-mail: seneschal@vogelburg.gleannabhann.net

Recognized Website: http://vogelburg.gleannabhann.net/

Shire of Wyrmgeist

Geographical Area: Baton Rouge Louisiana and surrounding area.

Seneschal: Vincent of Wyrmgeist

Seneschal E-mail: seneschal@wyrmgeist.org

Recognized Website:  http://www.wyrmgeist.org/