Local Groups

Our territories include: Louisiana, Mississippi, extreme Western Tennessee, and most of Arkansas.

Find Your Local Group

Use the interactive Kingdom  map or view the group listings below. 


Shire of Coill Fhionnabhann
Province of Lagerdamm
Shire of Ravenshold
Barony of Small Gray Bear
Shire of Smythkepe


Shire of Ardanroe
Barony of Axemoor
Shire of Blackmoor Keep
Shire of Loch Bais
Shire of Troll Fen
Shire of Vogelburg
Shire of Wyrmgeist


Shire of Caer Dun
Shire of Dragoun’s Weal
Shire of Iron Ox
Barony of Seleone
Shire of Tor An Riogh


Barony of Grey Niche