Office of the Kingdom Exchequer

ExchequerKingdom Chancellor of the Exchequer
Giacomo Falcone


Exchequer: Person in charge of financial reporting and handling of funds

Exchequer Reporting Deputy: Baron Ibrahim al Selim

Chamberlain: Angus McGregor

Paypal Deputy: THL Renee Reynold 

Exchequer Files

Files related to the office of the Exchequer can be found in the Exchequer Folder in the file library.

Reporting Schedule

Monthly cash reconciliation: Society now requires that a signed copy of monthly cash
reconciliation (page 2a) and signed copy of the bank statement be submitted to the Kingdom
Exchequer’s Reporting Deputy by the last day of the following month. For Gleann Abhann, that
includes a copy of the bank statement-signed by the Seneschal, the check register, the Excel
report, and the signed page 2a (2b as well if a group has a secondary account). This report must
be completed as described, even if the group has had no financial activity during the reporting
month. Example: January monthly cash recon and bank statement is due by the last day of

Non-Member Registration (NMR): The Group NMR reports to the Kingdom and checks are
due to the NMR Deputy no later than 10 business days following the close of the event. Kingdom
Exchequer reports and pays NMR to Society by the last day of the following month.

Event Financial Reports: The Group event report is due to the Kingdom Exchequer’s
Reporting Deputy no later than 30 days from the close of each event. Kingdom Level Event
reports must include legible copies of receipts from all event expenses.

Quarterly reports: All Group Exchequers and/or their Deputies that report to the Kingdom
Exchequer are required to submit their report within 30 days after the end of each of the four
quarters. Requests for extensions must be made via email to the Kingdom Exchequer and the
Group Seneschal before the quarterly due date if the report will be late.

Reports are cumulative, not sequential. Groups must use the most current version of the
quarterly financial reports. If one is unsure as to the version to use, please contact the Kingdom

  • Q1: Financial data; Jan. 1 to March 31 due by April 30
  • Q2: Financial data; Jan. 1 to June 30 due by July 31
  • Q3: Financial data; Jan. 1 to Sept. 30 due by Oct. 31
  • Q4 “the Domesday”: Financial data; Jan. 1 to Dec. 31 due by Jan. 31 of the following

Preliminary Quarterly reports may be done via email with a signed hard copy to follow. Hard
copies are to include those pages that require signatures and copies of the complete bank
statements including reconciliation report. A copy must be given to the local Seneschal and
another kept for the local Exchequer’s file for public viewing. PLEASE NOTE if one has scanning
capabilities, then Gleann Abhann allows email of scanned and signed copies of those reports
requiring signatures.

The cumulative consolidated report from Kingdom to Society is due by March 15 each year.