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Who Should Use This Form?

If you are stepping up, or stepping down, or becoming a new Deputy to a Kingdom level office you should use this form to notify the Kingdom Webminister, Kingdom Chronicler, and Kingdom Historian. You should also complete this form if you are stepping up as a local seneschal, or if the Chronicler needs to be notified.

If your office any other position on a local level (and is not listed in the Ambassador), you should not use this form. Instead, you should contact the appropriate people in your local group.

All fields (except the optional comment) are required.



For Incoming Officers in Regard to…

Kingdom Website:

Only your SCA name will be published on the website. The email address for the office will be forwarded to the email address you provided in this form above. If you need updates other than a name change on the page(s) relating to your office, please send your changes directly to the Kingdom Webminister via email.

Kingdom Newsletter:

In order to update the Kingdom Newsletter (The Ambassador) you will need to provide a completed Permission to Publish form directly to the Kingdom Chronicler before your personal information may be published. The Chronicler may list your SCA name and the email associated with your office (i.e. without the need or a Permission to Publish form. Please contact the Kingdom Chronicler directly via email after submitting this form in relation to other contact details you would like published in the Ambassador, and to send the appropriate permission form.

Kingdom Historian:

This form is also sent to the Kingdom Historian in order to record the change of office. No further information is required by the Historian. If the Historian has need for further information, you will be contacted directly.