College of Heralds

Diamond Principal Herald

Master Bran Finn Hua Neill

An organization of heralds and scribes who serve the Crown and populace of Gleann Abhann.

Contact Information
Office Information

Local Herald Reports

  • 1st Report (Nov – Jan) – Report Due February 10th
  • 2nd Report (Feb – Apr) – Report Due May 10th
  • 3rd Report (May – Jul) – Report Due August 10th
  • 4th Report (Aug – Oct) – Report Due November 10th

Kingdom Heralds

Ruby Herald – Heraldic Submissions

Moonestone Herald – Heraldic Submission

Sardonyx Herald – Deputy Heraldic Submissions

Obsidian Herald – Precedence & Protocol

Emerald Herald – Minister of Lists

Amethyst Herald – Regalia

Topaz Signet – Scribal Arts

Blue Saphyre – Heraldic Education


When used with a capital H, Herald is a title referring to a person at a particular level in the College of Arms. Used with a small h, a herald is a person who works regularly on some aspect of heraldry.


heraldry is comprised of three things, a science, an art and a service – A science because of the very technical nature of the field, replete with its own jargon, rules and customs. An art because there is an artistic element to much of it, both in the ‘performance’ side and the armory. It is also a service, for the end goal of a herald is to serve the populace and the Crown (when reference is made to the Crown, it also applies to the Coronet and (for those serving in a barony) the Barons)