Minister of Children

Office of the Kingdom Minister of Children

Minister of Children

Kingdom Minister of Children
Áine ingen Gilla Crist


Deputy Minister of Children –

Minister of Children: To encourage and promote the education of children ages 5-17 in the ways of the SCA and the Middle Ages by providing or overseeing the provision of appropriate classes and activities at all Kingdom-level events, and to aid and assist all of Gleann Abhann’s Local Ministers of Children by providing counsel and training if needed.

Dean of the Gleann Abhann Page School| Page School
THL Marjory de Warenne


Minister of Children (MoC) Files

Files related to the office of the MoC can be found in the Minister of Children folder in the file library.

Minor Waivers

The following forms are required for all children attending an event with an adult other than their legal Guardians and can be found in the Sheriff folder.

  • Designated Adult in Charge of an Unaccompanied Minor (Unaccompanied Minor – Designated Adult Form.pdf)
  • Individual Minor Waiver (Individual Child Waiver.pdf)
  • Medical Authorization for Minors (Medical Authorization.pdf)


In the Gleann Abhann Ministry of Children (GAMOC) we…

  • oversee children’s activities at all Principality level events.
  • assist and interface with the Local Minister of Children (MOC).
  • encourage education through the Gleann Abhann Page School (GAPS).

PowerPoint presentation that tells about the GAMOC Office

Minister of Children Flyer

Information for Local MoC’s

Reporting Schedule

Local MOC quarterly reports are due to the KMOC no later than:
1st Report (Nov – Jan) – Report Due February 21st
2nd Report (Feb – Apr) – Report Due May 21st
3rd Report (May – Jul) – Report Due August 21st
4th Report (Aug – Oct) – Report Due November 21st

Reporting may be done via email. A copy must be given to the local seneschal and a copy kept for local MOC files.


Society Children’s Office Coordinator