Oath of Fealty

This is the Gleann Abhann oath of fealty, sworn between the people of Gleann Abhann and the Crown of Gleann Abhann.

POPULACE:  I _____________ (state your name) this day pledge fealty to the Crown of Gleann Abhann. And vow to provide my arms in times of war, my art in times of peace, and my service in times of need. I promise to defend our fair Kingdom against all that desire her harm with word, deed and force. From this day forward, as long as my Crown allows, I am bound to be faithful, holding honor and courtesy above all.

CROWN:  Let all here bear witness, that We, (name), King of Gleann Abhann. And (name), Queen of Gleann Abhann, hear and accept your oath of fealty, given in good faith.  In turn, We vow to defend and support you and yours, with word, deed and force. Those that keep and hold this oath true will be rewarded with Our favour.  Those that forget this oath and break faith shall be repaid with Our judgement and dreadful wrath. Now, arise and go, keeping Honor and Courtesy above all.