Open Positions

It takes a village of volunteers to run a kingdom!

Officer positions typically last 2 years and most prefer to have a deputy to share the work. Before “stepping down”, an officer is expected to find and train a replacement to “step up” into the role. 

Below is a list of open kingdom officer positions. Feel free to contact the respective officer to learn more about them.

Deputy Diamond Herald

Candidates for this two year office should:

  • Have at least a basic working knowledge of the various heraldic services and activities that the Gleann Abhann College of Heralds and Scribes provides–submissions, voice and silent heraldry, heraldic display, and scribal.
  • Have enthusiasm and passion for some (or all) of the above heraldic activities. You will be expected to be an advocate and promoter of these activities, after all.
  • Have good organizational and communication (written and oral) skills.
  • Have reliable phone and internet access.
  • Be available to travel, at least for Gleann Abhann Crown Lists and Coronations (each held twice a year); and the Known Worlde Heraldic and Scribal Symposium (usually held every year).
  • Excellent interpersonal and management skills. You will be overseeing all the local group Heralds, as well as the Deputy Kingdom Heralds (collectively called the Gem Heralds), as well as working closely with the Crown, the Kingdom Seneschal and the Laurel Sovereign at Arms (Society Herald)

Once a candidate steps up to the Deputy position, there will be about a year of observation and training. The Deputy may be assigned duties or special projects as needed by the Diamond Principal Herald.

Please send SCA resume, (with relevant professional experience, if any) and cover letter to  Resumes are due by Thursday, April 30, 2020. The resumes will be reviewed by the Diamond Herald, and recommendations will be forwarded to the Crown, Kingdom Seneschal and Laurel Sovereign at Arms (Society Herald). This office is jointly warranted by Crown and Laurel Sovereign at Arms.

Please direct any questions or comments to 

Replacement Deputy for the Calendar Deputy

THL Renee Reynold is seeking a replacement for the position of Calendar Deputy to the Kingdom Seneschal. If interested please contact