Open Positions

It takes a village of volunteers to run a kingdom!

Officer positions typically last 2 years and most prefer to have a deputy to share the work. Before “stepping down”, an officer is expected to find and train a replacement to “step up” into the role. 

Below is a list of open kingdom officer positions. Feel free to contact the respective officer to learn more about them.

Topaz Herald:

Jam Recarediz, Topaz Herald, sends greetings.
I have now been in office one year. The time has therefore come for a deputy to be chosen, with
the intent that this person succeed to the role when my term is over. To that end, applications
should be submitted to no later than May 31, 2023.

The Topaz Herald’s responsibilities include:

Performing an inventory on scrolls in the scroll case or ensuring that inventory is performed periodically, maintaining and distributing the supply of pre-printed scrolls so they may be painted, and contacting scribes to ensure that champions’ scrolls are available for each reign. It is not a requirement for the Topaz Herald to be a scribe; however, familiarity with the Gleann Abhann scribal community and with the award structure of the Kingdom is a great asset to this position. Another requirement of this job is to have access to a laser printer to print scrolls.
Applications should include a statement of interest, contact information including mundane and
Society names, and a brief résumé showing relevant mundane and/or Society experience.