Rapier Overview


Here, you will find links and documents pertaining to Gleann Abhann’s Rapier activities. Please note that these links will open in a new page.


Rapier Rules: Kingdom rapier rules are available in the Gleann Abhann library in the Marshalate – Rapier folder.   Society level information is available at Society Rapier Combat.

(Note: rules in red have no currently been moved to the library yet.  If there is no document outlining this information, then we need a brief para.)

  • -Adult Rapier Rules
  • -Cut and Thrust Rules
  • -Youth Rapier Rules
  • -Rules of the List
  • -Rapier Marshal’s Handbook
  • -Reporting Responsibilities


(Note: Some of these forms look very similar to the heavy combat event forms.  Would it be possible for consolidate and builtd one form that both the heavy fighters and the rapier fighters can use?)

  • Online Event Report
  • Online Fighter Roster
  • -Event Report
  • -Field Report
  • -Injury Report
  • -Figher Roster
  • -Group Report
  • -Region Report
  • -Authorization Log
  • -Rapier Marshal in Training Warrant Form
  • -Rapier Marshal Warrant Form
  • -Adult Authorization Form
  • -Youth Authorization Form
  • -Adult Waiver Form
  • -Youth Waiver Form

Communications: there is an unofficial yahoo group for discussions, available at  The Gleann Abhann Rapier Yahoo Group.

Links of Historical Interest (these are not official SCA links and will open in a new page.)