Rapier Marshal

Rapier Marshal Badge

Kingdom Rapier Marshal
THL Ysabeau de la Mare

Email: rapier.marshal@gleannabhann.net

Rapier Authorization Marshal –Toirdhealbach Wesley

Email: rapier.auth@gleannabhann.net

Youth Rapier Marshal – Adam Goodwine

Email: rapier.youth@gleannabhann.net

There is a short article available at https://gleannabhann.net/so-you-want-to-be-a-rapier-fighter/ if you want to learn more about becoming a rapier fighter.

The Gleann Abhann Rapier Quarterly Report is available at Rapier Quarterly Report.

The Gleann Abhann Rapier Event Report is available at Rapier Event Report.

Use this form for rapier rosters: Roster of Rapier Fighters