Their Royal Highnesses

Prince Caillin III and Princess Danielle III


Chancellor: Gwynn Bleyne

Travel Coordinator:

Progress (changes possible):

Date Event
Nov 8-10 Crown List
Nov 15-17 Heraldric Havoc
Jan 10-12 Panhandle Skirmishes
Jan 17-19 Winter Wonders
Feb 1 Candlemas
Feb 21-23 Fighters’ Collegium
March 14-21 Gulf Wars


His Highness:

Persona: Viking Era Irish

Colors: red and black

Allergies: none

Interests: heavy & light fighting, grilling, photography

Beverages: Whiskey, Hard Cider, Diet Coke, grape juice

Food: Nuts, Cheese, Meat, seafood, king cake, not a huge veggie fan

Likes: clean fights, short courts, having fun, bonfires

Gift Preferences: consumables rather than dustables, bags over baskets

Her Highness:

Persona: French in the time of Charlemagne

Colors: all of them

Allergies: none

Interests: Photography, knitting, storytelling, bardic arts

Beverages: Water, Coffee, Whiskey, Red Wine, Hard Cider

Food: seafood, meat, cheese, fresh veggies, chocolate, fruit, bread pudding.

Likes: newcomers, people who try new things, having fun, slinkys, on time courts

Gift Preferences: simple accessories are welcome, as are raw materials (gift me yarn, and you might get a hat), original scrolls or painted pre-prints, gifts for the children.

Both of Their Majesties are early to bed, early to rise types, so please do not be dismayed if they quietly slip off to bed while activities are still occurring at evening revels.

We would encourage you to read the Ambassador thoroughly, find a new event to attend; at events, meet new people; in your home group, plan new events and invite new people. Help Gleann Abhann grow and thrive.