Their Royal Highnesses


Their Royal Highnesses Griffin and Belisencia

TRH Griffin and Belisenica


Chancellor: Joan of OOC

Travel Coordinator: Danielle de la Roche

Persona11th/12th century Norman11th/12th century Norman
ColorsGreen & WhiteGreen & Purple
SensitivitiesCigarette and cigar smokeCigarette and cigar smoke, causes nausa and migraines
Caffeine or coffee (any kind), causes migraines
Uncooked dairy milk, mildly lactose intolerant (cooking with it is fine
InterestsScrolls/Caligraphy, Grilling, Fighting, Metalwork, LeatherworkGrilling, Cooking, Baking, Woodwork, Leatherwork,
BeveragesIrish whiskeys, nice tequilas, waterWater, juice, hot chocolate (w/ plant milks)
Food LikesCheese, fruit, meat, crunchy/salty snacksFruit, cheese, chocolate, vegetables
Food DislikesFake sweeteners, fennel, coconut, gin, licoriceFake sweeteners, licorice, fennel, clove, lavender
Gift PreferencesUseful, largesseUseful items, largesse, DEI supporting


Kings RoadJune 19-23, 2024
Golden Dragon TavernJuly 13, 2024
Pennsic (Tentative)July 26 – August 11, 2024
Kingdom A&SSeptember 20-22, 2024
Fall CoronationOctober 4-6, 2024