Their Royal Majesties

King Aengus – Queen Meaghan

(photo courtesy of Dutchess Danielle)


Chancellor:  Baroness Gen D’Orleans –

Travel Coordinator: Baroness Izibella D’Arques –


Progress (changes possible):

Date Event Attendance
April 20-22 St. Bogdacious Both
April 27-29 Beltaine Both
May 18-20 Spring Crown List Both
June 1-3 Tournament of Champions IX Both
August 3-9 Pennsic Meaghan
August 17-19 Kingdom Arts & Sciences Both
September 14-16 GA Service Symposium Both
September 28-30 Meridian Grand Tournament Both
October 5-7 Fall Coronation Both


   His Highness:   Her Highness:
 Persona: 14th Century Britain, t-tunics, coteharde Originally was 10th century Anglo-Saxon, but lately living with the Vikings
 Colours: Yellow, black, and blue Yellow, black, and red
Allergies: None None
Interests: Blacksmithing, leatherwork, brass etching  Calligraphy, jewelry (beads)
Beverages: Diet cranberry juice, water, various beers Diet cranberry juice, water, fruity drinks, and wine coolers
Food Likes: Pre-diabetic (means he eats what he wants, but watches his sugars); steak, taco’s lol Diabetic (takes med’s, not shots), low carbs: meats, pork rinds, cauliflower rice, spaghetti squash, broccoli  
Food Dislikes: Egg plant, squash Green beans, asparagus, brussells sprouts (all the stuff your mom tried to get you to eat)
Gift Preferences: Knives, leather work; cool stuff, handy camping items, largesse… Boxes, bags, jewelry, handy camping items, largesse…(I don’t know)


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