Their Royal Majesties

King Gareth & Queen Lailiane

(photo courtesy of Duchess Danielle)


Chancellors:  Dame Gisela von Egmont called Tipperith and Addison Carrick, OL –

Travel Coordinator:  Baroness Medb ingen ui Mael Anfaid –

Progress (changes possible):

Date Event Attendance
June 1-3 Tournament of Champions Both
July 13-15 Academy of Performing Arts Both
August 17-19 Kingdom Arts & Sciences Both
August 31 – September 2 MSKD XXVI: A MidSummer Night’s Dream…or is it? Both
September 21-23 Aphar Faire Both
October 5-7 Fall Coronation Both
October 18-21 Diamond Wars Both
October 26-28 Samhain Both
November 9-11 Gleann Abhann Crown List Both
November 15-18 BAM – War of the Rams VII Gareth
December 1-2 Christmas Revel Both
December 7-9 Slay the Dragon, Save the Maiden Both
January 11-13 Winter Wonders Both


   His Highness:   Her Highness:
 Persona: French Norman French Norman
 Colours: Blue and White Gold and Black
Allergies: none skin metal allergy
Interests: Fighting and Bardic Arts Many different arts including, but not limited to; Painting, Theatre, Literature, Architecture, Medieval Culture and Social Life and more
Beverages: Water and Diet Dr. Pepper Sparkling Water
Food Likes: Everything except dislikes listed below Everything except dislikes listed below
Food Dislikes: Broccoli Beets, Organ Meat, Raw Onions, not a big sweet tooth
Gift Preferences: Gifts suitable for us to give to visitors at Gulf Wars Gifts suitable for us to give to visitors at Gulf Wars


We would encourage you to read the Ambassador thoroughly, find a new event to attend; at events, meet new people; in your home group, plan new events and invite new people.

Help Gleann Abhann grow and thrive.