Their Royal Majesties

King James III and Queen Joan III


Chancellor: Luther Von Ziemer


PreferencesHis Hers
Persona11/12th Century Rus11/12th Century Rus
ColorsBlack and WhitePurple, White, Green and Pinkie Pie
AllergiesRose WaterFennel, Anise
InterestsArts, FightingSewing, Fiber Arts, Bardic Arts, ALL the things
BeveragesUnsweetened Tea, Diet Mt. Dew, TequilaWater, Coffee w/Cream and Sugar, Bourbon, Mimosas, IZZE Sparkling Lemonade
Foodn/aNuts, CHEESE, light meats, fruit, veggies, chocolate
LikesFun, Bonfires, StorytellingReading, Fun, Bonfires, Fellowship with Friends
Gift PreferenceLargesse for the PopulaceLargesse for the Populace

CoronationOctober 23, 2021
SamhainOctober 29, 2021
Crown ListNovember 13, 2021
Castle Wars, MeridiesNovember 18-21, 2021
Incipient Principality Vindheim, Oklahoma
December 11, 2021