Their Royal Majesties

HRM Connor & HRM Viktoriya


Chancellor: H.E. Ranulf il Tenace –

Travel Coordinator: Dinara Torzhokskaia –

Progress (changes possible):

Date Event Attendance
Oct 4-6 Coronation Both
Oct 11-13 Asphar Faire Both
Oct 25-27 Samhain Both
Nov 1-3 St. Huberous/All Things Celt Both
Nov 8-10 Fall Crown Both
Nov 21-24 BAM Both
Dec 6-8 Christmas Revel Both
Dec 13-15 Slay the Dragon His Majesty
Dec 14 Kris Kinder Her Majesty
Jan 17-19 Winter Wonders Both
Jan 21 BroBearian Brawl Her Majesty
Feb 1 Candlemas Her Majesty
Feb 7-9 St. Sanity Her Majesty
Feb 14-16 GA Reunion Both
Feb 21-23 Fighters Collegium Both
Mar 14-21 Gulf Wars Both
Apr 3-5 Coronation Both


 His Highness:   Her Highness:
 Persona: 13th Century, 3rd Crusade, Knights Templar, Ireland Greek/Roman 4th century B.C.
 Colours: red, black and white red, black and white
Allergies: walnuts ALL FISH AND SEAFOOD, bergamot, buffalo sauce, Worcestershire sauce
Interests: Crosses, coins Llamas, fencing, meeting new members, heavy fighting
Beverages: Diet Dr Pepper, lemonade, sweet tea, semi dry red wines, sweet mead and vodka NO Alcohol, sparkling water, “blue Powerade zero”, coffee
Food Likes: dark chocolate, almonds salted or smoked, Jerky meat, cheese walnuts, fruit, berries, veggies, premier protein (not peach)
Food Dislikes: most dried beans, brussel sprouts honeydew melon, mustard, rice
Gift Preferences: Award Regalia and Scrolls, Gift items for other Kingdoms, Card Woven Trim Award Regalia and Scrolls, Gift items for other Kingdoms, Card Woven Trim