Their Royal Majesties

King Briar and Queen Anahita



Chancellor:  Diana of the Isles

Travel Coordinator: Mistress Isabel Winterbourne

PersonaRus 9th centuryPersian / Rus
Colorsgreen and whiteblue, yellow, and red
Allergiesnonemango, Penicillin (so no Blue Cheeses)
Interestsheavy / youth combat, leather work, arts & scienceheavy / youth combat, block printing, costuming Rus / Persian
water, tea, Coca-Cola

water, tea and mead
Foodmeats, sweets, savory piemeats, fruits and nuts
sea shanty / bardic, camp fire, arts & science
horses / rabbits, period patterning, puzzles
Dislikespickled anything, strawberries and seafood, most all condiments (white sauce, mustard, catsup)artificial sweeteners, most all condiments (sour cream, mayo, catsup), tomatoes,
Gift PreferencesLargesse, leg wraps, cool stuff in generalcool beads, replica buttons, replica hooks, replica clasps


Spring CoronationApril 12-14, 2024
Vesna VisionsApril 19-21, 2024
Spring Crown List/BeltaineMay 10-12, 2024
Lilies WarJune 7-16, 2024
A Night at the Gold DragonJuly 13, 2024
Summer War MeleesJuly 20, 2024
Bamassippi SkirmishesAugust 10, 2024
Aphar FaireAugust 16-18, 2024
Kingdom A&SSeptember 20-22, 2024
Fall CoronationOctober 4-6, 2024