Youth Combat Marshal

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Youth Combat Marshall
Iver Tootee



It is the mission of the Youth Combat program of the Kingdom of Gleann Abhann to provide a safe and fun environment whereby the Youth of the kingdom form the ages of six (6) to seventeen (17) years can participate in martial activities and learn the ideas of Chivalry, Honor and Respect.

Kingdom Youth Combat Marshal

Is responsible for overseeing the conduct of all youth combat martial arts activities, including but not limited to practices, tournament, lists, and wars.

Society Youth Combat webpage

Group Youth Combat Marshal (GYCM)

Are personal representatives of the youth combat on a local group level.

Youth Combat Adult Marshal (YCAM)

Are under the direction of the Deputy Earl Marshal or the GYCM; can perform armor inspections, supervise list and melee’s.

Reporting Schedule

Local quarterly reports are due to the Deputy Earl Marshal no later than the 15th of the month following the quarter. Please note the reporting schedule is not based on the calendar quarter.
1st Report (Nov 15 – Feb14) – Report Due February 15th
2nd Report (Feb15 – May 14) – Report Due May 15th
3rd Report (May15 – Aug14) – Report Due August 15th
4th Report (Aug15 – Nov14) – Report Due November 15th

Reporting may be done via email. A copy must be sent to the local seneschal.