Covid Update – March 24, 2022

By | March 24, 2022

In light of the CDC Community Level for our Glorious Kingdom, the Crowns, Heirs, and Kingdom Seneschal are removing the Covid Policy including masking. At this time, only two counties in our Kingdom have a suggested indoor mask requirement from CDC. 
Going forward, this information will be continuously reviewed and if the CDC Community levels show a higher risk, then the policy may be reinstated. If that happens, then it will be announced with as much notice as possible for local groups. Please note that federal, state, local, or site policies will take precedence over this decision. 
There will still be some members of the populace who need or wish to wear a mask. Please support them and show honor and courtesy to them. If someone is wearing a mask, please ask if they would like you to put on a mask or to be socially distant from them. As such, members of the populace and local groups are encouraged to keep a mask(s) available should they need to interact with someone who feels more comfortable with a mask. 
Thus We Remain in Service to the Dream, 

James & Joan, King & Queen 

Connor & Dinara, Prince and Princess 

Mistress Kendra Dey, Kingdom Seneschal