Gleann Abhann Covid Policy – June 3, 2022

By | June 3, 2022

Gleann Abhann Covid Policy
Updated 06/02/2022
This policy replaces any previous Covid Policy for the Kingdom and operates on the
principles of Honor and Courtesy which is the foundation of this kingdom.

  1. All participants of official SCA activities are requested to contact the Kingdom
    Seneschal if they test positive within 5 days of attending an official SCA
  2. People who have tested positive for Covid should not attend official SCA
    activities during their isolation period with the dates as defined by the CDC
    Quarantine and Isolation Calculator.
    a. Current CDC Isolation Guidelines include (but are not limited to) no travel
    for 10 days. (
    This policy is in effect for all in-person SCA functions. Official SCA functions include
    events, demos, fighter practices, and meetings as well as any other function defined by
    Corpora. This policy is in line with current CDC guidelines regarding activities and
    current SCA guidelines. Should either of those guidelines change, this policy will be
    updated accordingly.
    Any questions should be addressed to the Kingdom Seneschal.