Earl Marshal

Marshal badge

Kingdom Earl Marshal
Sir Gellir Gunnarsson

Email: earlmarshal@gleannabhann.net

Earl Marshal: responsible for overseeing the conduct of all martial arts activities, including but not limited to tournament lists, wars, combat archery, fencing and related activities such as scouting and target archery

Warranted Marshal: personal representatives of the Earl Marshal; can perform fighter’s authorizations

Knight Marshal: personal representatives of the Earl Marshal on a local group level

Marshal’s of the Field: perform under the direction of the Earl Marshal/Marshal in Charge; can perform armor inspections, supervise list boundaries and melee’s.

Authorization Marshal – THL Sebastian Martinez de Leon
Check your authorization status at Authorization Membership

Rapier Marshal (website) – THL Ysabeau de la Mare

Rapier Authorization Marshal – Toirdhealbach Wesley

Combat Archery Marshal – Baroness Sara de la Val

Siege Weapon Marshal – Duke Kane Redfeather

Live Weapons Marshal (website) – Dafydd ap y Kynith, OP

Youth Combat Marshal (website) – Iver Tootee

Equestrian Marshal – Lady Daifi Isfahani

Northern Reporting Deputy – Nicholas Swift

Southern Reporting Deputy – Alfradr Martinsson

Northern Reporting Groups

Blackwood, Blue Flats, Coill Fhionn Abhann, Fenn Barwyk, Grey Niche, Hammerhold, Iron Ox, Lagerdamm, Pilgrims Fount, Ravenshold, Rookshaven, Small Gray Bear, Smythkepe, and Tor an Riogh

Southern Reporting Groups

Ardanroe, Axemoor, Blackmoor Keep, Caer Dun, Dragoun’s Weal, Loch Bais, Seleone, Troll Fen, Vogelburg, and Wyrmgist

Reporting Schedule

Local quarterly reports are due to the Reporting Deputy no later than the 15th of the month following the quarter. Please note the reporting schedule is not based on the calendar quarter.

1st Report (Nov 15 – Feb14) – Report Due February 15th
2nd Report (Feb15 – May 14) – Report Due May 15th
3rd Report (May15 – Aug14) – Report Due August 15th
4th Report (Aug15 – Nov14) – Report Due November 15th

Reporting may be done here. A copy must be given to the local seneschal.

Marshalate Files

Files related to the office of the Marshalate can be found in the Marshalate Folder in the file library.

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